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Modern SAP Mobility

SAP Mobile Data Capture

ABAP Developments currently offer 2 forms of data capture within the warehouse, SAPConsole and SAP ITS. Most commonly used is SAPConsole, the technology may have been around for a long time now but it is still characterised by speed, reliability, and precision in processing mobile transactions in the warehouse. The radio frequency (RF) solution provides fast and error-free data communication through the use of mobile RF terminals. This, in turn, provides a high standard of quality.

The RF terminals receive data directly from the SAP System and transmit the results back to the system. You can scan the information that needs to be recorded, such as handling unit (HU)numbers, using a bar code, and also scan the bar code to verify the storage bins. The display of information on the RF terminal is possible with a graphical user interface. You can execute the individual functions using pushbuttons on a touch screen.

Since the RF solution is an integral part of the standard SAP System, you can access the RF transactions either directly through the SAP menu or from mobile data-entry devices. Generated information is immediately available to the RF user and transmitted back to the SAP database instantly.

RF Console
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